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Unlearning Everyday Racism is about helping white people get better at talking about race and taking action against racism. 

At the core of what I do is the Unlearning Everyday Racism Progress Path.  I believe that everything we know about learning and achieving difficult goals can and should be applied to our anti-racism journey. That means goals, milestones and action steps.

Having a progress path gives you clarity around where you are, what you know and what you need to learn next to stay on your learning edge. I know it's kind of bold to create a map showing the milestones of anti-racism lifetime learning and for sure this path will change as I learn more and people use this tool more but right now I want you to have what you need to build your momentum and make this lifelong journey one you can easily stay on for years to come. 

Here's to your clarity, courage, and learning as you walk the anti-racism road!

xoxo  Kalissa Scopes

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A map for your anti-racist journey

The Progress Path is like a map. It lets you know where you are now on your anti-racist journey, see what you should be learning next, and shows you the steps that will get you there. 

Unlearning Everyday Racism: Five Tools in Five Days

A 5 day experience that will give you the tools to get started, get unstuck, keep growing, and get clear about your next steps on the anti-racist journey.

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