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Action Steps, Guide to Racial Conversations and More

Action Steps, Guide to Racial Conversations and More

If you are someone who has been working on your racism for a while but have found it difficult to translate what you learned into action in the world and change in yourself, try these unlearning everyday racism action steps (I call them Whiteness Cards).

I shift cards in and out monthly, some recent ones:

  • Talking to other white people about race.
  • Using a map and a framework for your anti-racism work that keeps your motivation and momentum going for the long haul. 
  • Understanding white supremacy and how you are benefiting from it and suffering under it at the same time.
  • White fragility, Paternalism, Right to Comfort, Self Care and Accountability
  • Seasonal topics like how to talk to your relatives about race, cultural appropriation, great gifts to give children and adults on your gift giving list, and more. 

" What I found most valuable about the Whiteness Cards: They really helped me become more aware of how whiteness arises in my life and my work, in places I hadn't even thought of."

“I needed help getting out of my head and really getting to where racism lives inside my thinking and feelings and the Whiteness Cards really help!” 

9 Modules

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Check out the topics here, I add to them regularly. And check out the video library here for other topics!

Tone Policing

Talking to Other White People About Race Checklist

A step-by-step guide to planning and actually having a conversation about race and racism with another white person -at work, home, church, school...  I will be adding steps every week so check back!

What to do after you didn't speak up

More Action Steps in Pinterist

For more action steps, check out my pins

More about me

A little more about what I do, why I do it and my experience and educational background

Knowing our purpose keeps us going when it gets tough

One tool from the 6 part mini-course "Unlearning Everyday Racism 5 Tools in 5 Days

How uncovering and uprooting Confirmation Bias can help you get better at talking about race and taking action against racism

Softening the Heart: A 5 day Journey to Unlearning White Fragility

Softening the Heart: A 5 day Journey to Unlearning White Fragility

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